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Re: VR affects bokeh?

jfk wrote:

In light of this, does this also affect image quality like it does

I'll phrase this a different way: is it possible for a VR photo to be worse than a non-VR photo taken from the same position at the same time? Sure. It's one of the reasons why Nikon suggests turning off VR while on a tripod with the VR I lenses (VR II appears to have some tweaks that help reduce unintentional jitter). I've said from the beginning that I think VR is highly conditional: you only turn it on when you need it.

I should probably point out that the lens versus sensor debate comes into play. A sensor shift IS system wouldn't impact bokeh. It might impact edges if it jittered.

If so, do you recommend we turn VR off after a certain
shutter speed, say 1/250, or maybe 1/FL?

Turn it off above 1/500 for sure.

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