Thom 16-85VR and 18-105 DX review is up

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Grab your fire extinguishers!!!!

SteveM7i wrote:

Ohhhhh man, you have committed sacriledge!!!!! Thom's word comes from above and is quoted piously at every turn on this form.

And Photozone is generally reviled because it is "just" quantitative ..... and worse yet, is not in agreement with much of the fanboy screed.

The only thing that would get you flamed further is if you mentioned Ken Rockwell in a non-negative light.

Even if you qualified that you hoped to see more quantitative graphical reports, you'ld get blasted.

Certainly, all these reports have their place --- and it's always nice to see a balanced tone --- but it does no good to pick and choose on an internet forum.


...compared to the reviews available at and


Emil Varadi wrote:


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