70-200 With or W/O IS

Started Jul 26, 2002 | Discussions thread
JohnM Veteran Member • Posts: 5,560
Re: No IS for me....

Chris Dodkin wrote:

1) IS softens some shots as it focuses the image off of the lens
sweet spot
2) IS works against you when you are steady, say on a tripod and
needs switching off
3) IS lenses are heavier
4) IS lenses are more expensive
5) They have more to go wrong, and can be ruined by pointing into
the sun, even accidentally, so I'm told

This is all total nonsense(except for the expensive part). I sold my 70-200 F4 to get the 70-200 IS. After using both that & my 100-400 IS extensively, I would never buy a telephoto lens again without IS.


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