Candid Street Photography

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Re: Not my best....

John Garth wrote:
This is really good..... one of them vouching for the others .....
Classic perv rhetoric .....
Yup, none of them are predators or perverts ..... wanna buy a bridge


Skafe wrote:

Of all the people I've ever met who partake in street photography,
particularly of the candid sort, that there isn't any predatory or
exploitative element to their intentions.

Next his mom will post and say he (and all street photographers) have never had an unpure thought. We believe you, because you say it is so.

Just because you have a camera doesn't mean you can use it anywhere and everywhere you want.

The argument that "I can see you with my eye, so I can take a pic" is so asinine, it would be funny, if not pathetic.

I suppose you would defend this scumbag also:

She should have never left the house with her kids, right?

"Starr, 61, former independent White House counsel who drafted the infamous "Starr Report" which led to President Clinton's impeachment, was reportedly contacted by the city of Malibu to draft a local ordinance that will restrict the paparazzi's access to celebrities in Malibu."

More people need to fight back against these "lens lizards" who think they have a right to invade anyone's personal space, any time they want.

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