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G4orce Studios wrote:

I guess anyone walking down the street, having dinner, or going to
the store has "the right" to have their, or their children's likeness
stolen and plastered who knows where by the likes of some
self-righteous fool who thinks, because he has a camera, he can shoot
anything and anyone he pleases, at anytime.

In the US that is generally correct by law.

Of course, the erosion of all our rights just feeds into the mindset
of people like you, who think they can intrude on anything and
anyone, outside of someone's homes, for their own personal enjoyment
and/or gain. Hell, some photog maggots will hide in trees and zoom
into people's homes, to feed their own personal gain.

There is no erosion of a right you never had. Basically if I have a legal right to be someplace and I can see you with my unaided eye, I legally can take a picture of you. I may or may not choose to, that is MY right.

I mean, it's called "LIFE" right? Just because you have a camera,
you capture, manipulate, publish and do whatever you want with it

Pretty much. Still some restrictions on commercial use.

Taking a picture of a guy playing guitar on a stage (and being paid
BY THE GUY) is quite different than taking someone's pic without
their permission and publishing it, especially if you sneak around
and hide your camera. Do that and you are a thief.

You can't steal what is not owned. No theft involved.

I, as do people
like Britney Spears and John Doe, have a right to walk down the
street without having some fool harass, sneak pictures, and invade
personal space. Zooming in and taking a pic, without consent, is
invading personal space.

You are mistaken about the rights you think you have. You do have a right to not be harassed but someone taking a picture of you is not harassment until and unless you ask them to stop. You don't have personal space when you are somewhere that is viewable from a public location. Close the drapes.

Celebs should have the right to be in their backyard, on the beach,
etc., without some cockroach hiding somewhere zooming in on their
asses. Britney should be able to get out of a limo, without some
slime zooming in on her private parts.

But they don't have that right in the US. Wishing won't make it so.

People should be able to go outside, without sneaking street
photographers snapping away. I am not saying all street
photographers are bad, some do approach those they photograph and
inform them. If the subject gets away, you don't use the pic.

People should make sure that they aren't doing anything in public that they don't want put on the internet. You don't have the legal right to stop people taking your picture if they are in a public place. Best to just accept it.

Of course, who cares about THOSE people and how they may feel about
their pic being stolen, as long as you get your "candid" shot and
plaster it on the internet, right, Mr. cat-calling morality expert?

There is no ownership right so nothing is being stolen. If you think you have one, you are mistaken. Photographs don't steal a part of your soul.

This is the way it IS in the US. Other countries have different laws, cultures and norms. Railing against reality will just get you upset. Better to just accept that things are not the way you wish and move on.

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