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Re: Not my best....

I think the 2nd and 3rd ones are especially effective. Good captures.

I don't do much street photography ever since I had some overbearing ignorant lunatic 'force' me to delete images of his daughter from my camera (which, oddly enough, wasn't even in any of the images I made - I was actually making images of still-life stuff around with the indoor playground out-of-focus in the background).

After showing him that his daughter wasn't in any of MY photographs, I proceeded to point to 5 other parents with cameras and 2 security cameras all pointing in towards the location his daughter was playing and asked if he had requested they all delete their images as well. He got 'macho-angry', called me names, and tried to knock my camera out of my hands. I took a step back so as to not let that happen again. (hey, cameras are spendy)

I was just waiting on my fiancee who was shopping in some clothes store, so I just stood there as he continued to lace me with explitives, getting much louder, so everyone could hear. Occasionally I'd attempt to correct his ignorance or point out some obvious flaw in his logic, but it really just served to keep the ignoramus going.

He kept screaming how perverted it was that I was taking his daughters picture and how I need to be brought to jail. As I tried to tell him that even though I hadn't, I'd be perfectly within my rights (both legally and ethically) to make the images he accused me of he threw a very loud avalanche of expletives my direction (and all the children had stopped playing at this time and were just listening to this baffoon yell at me).

I saw a mall security guard walking my way, so I knew that at this point, I could say something and not need to worry about 'defending' my camera or myself... so I simply stopped, said that "I believe a screaming red-faced torrent of cussing is probably going to have more of a negative effect on your daughter than her, possibly, being in the background of someones photograph." Quickly snapped his picture (unfortunately, it was WAY blurry and OOF, as I had the camera set for like .25 second shutter) and walked away...

He didn't yell anything further or chase me or anything, nor did I look back... I like to think he stood there and thought for a second, perhaps learning something that day, but I suspect he did not.

Since then, I don't really do much photography in public anymore - unless I'm contracted to. It's actually one of the reasons I became a professional photographer - I love making fun and emotional images, and the current paranoia culture kind of prohibits it.

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