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Re: "...'go to' park for the porn industry"

Thankfully, in my area, nothing like this would ever be tolerated, in the first place; as, park rangers are "police", and they don't hesitate to arrest people, and subsequently, on both televised news and in the newspapers, we learn that those arrested are "sexual perverts", molesters, or other such criminals. None of them are ever released without Bail, and case pending in court before a judge, or trial with jury.

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Thom Hogan wrote:

Buzzzman wrote:

I have been photographing in State and Federal ,Parks off and on
for 27 years and never had a problem.

You've been lucky and in the right parks, apparently. I've seen both
highly helpful rangers and ones much like you encountered at Ft.
McHenry. Some of it is regional and specific issues that trigger an
inflated response. I'll use one park as an example, you can probably
guess at other parks that might have similar issues.

The park in question is Joshua Tree National Park. This park is very
close in to the huge LA area and, unfortunately, relatively close to
the porn capital of the world. The park itself is distinguished by
having a lot of places where you can get out of sight of the road
very easily. For awhile it became the "go to" park for the porn
industry. They'd grab their gear and participants, head into JT, find
themselves a nice out-of-sight nook and start filming. This became a
cat-and-mouse game between rangers and filmmakers, to the point where
there would be stakeouts and spotters for both sides. These days,
most of that activity is now gone, but I'll bet you that any time a
JT ranger sees more than one person walking off the road these days
with a tripod they'll stop you and ask you what you're up to.

I'll also remind people that the primary goal and purpose of the NPS
is not visitation, it's preservation. NPS has struggled for years
with the cross demands that are in all the laws that apply to them
(the Wilderness Act pushed the preservation aspect up a notch at many
of the traditional parks that had wild lands). And it hasn't helped
that the process has become political. Before the turn of the century
most park superintendents were down-to-earth, common sense folk and
tried to run their parks with a gentle hand. This changed a lot
during the Bush administration, as the political process started
pushing down changes and many park heads were moved or retired, the
interpretive and backcountry ranger programs cut, and armed rangers
doing police work became the norm.

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