Barred from Fort Mchenry.

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Buzzzman wrote:

I was shooting images at Fort Mchenry (USA National Park) and a park
ranger baited me --by asking-- if she wanted one of the the images
--could she buy one I thought for a second and said yes .I thought
she meant, either she would like one or or maybe the gift shop may
want one.. i was shooting multiple images on a tripod for hdr
processing .
She then told me I couldn't shoot unless I purchased a permit and
that I had to leave the premises I tried to say - I actually wasn't
planning on selling the images, but thought if she really wanted
one -- I would . She said that was her point.. I WOULD sell them
if asked!! The permit could costs hundred's of dollarrs . She also
said any Time she saw me there again with a camera -she would throw
me out.
I think she was wrong.
Here rules the rules-see what you think
First nasty park ranger i ever met!!!

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