Barred from Fort Mchenry.

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Buzzzman wrote:

I was shooting images at Fort Mchenry (USA National Park) and a park
ranger baited me --by asking-- if she wanted one of the the images
--could she buy one I thought for a second and said yes .I thought
she meant, either she would like one or or maybe the gift shop may
want one.. i was shooting multiple images on a tripod for hdr
processing .
She then told me I couldn't shoot unless I purchased a permit and
that I had to leave the premises I tried to say - I actually wasn't
planning on selling the images, but thought if she really wanted
one -- I would . She said that was her point.. I WOULD sell them
if asked!! The permit could costs hundred's of dollarrs . She also
said any Time she saw me there again with a camera -she would throw
me out.
I think she was wrong.
Here rules the rules-see what you think
First nasty park ranger i ever met!!!

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from the rules, it is clear you CAN take photos and even sell them if you want. What you can not do is business in the park and by asking you (entrapment?) she can get you for that.....for that visit time say no.

She actually might be thinking that it is the photography for gain that is illegal without permit (and she is wrong about that) but by agreeing to sell you would have been in breach of the rules on commercial use....requiring a commercial use authorization.

Go back and tell her you will not sell to her as you will not conduct buisiness in the park but you hope to make a fortune from the pics.....(actually i would not do that, but it would be nice to).

Thats my take....though there is a grey area that if you are taking pics to sell (which she got you to say...rightly or wrongly), some may consider that a business use and that would also require a commercial use authorization....


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