How many MP does our eye have?

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Re: combined image suggestion...

Thanks for the correction/update--that explains why it's such a tiny wiggle...

tyoung wrote:

Tuba Paul wrote:

Even more interesting when you consider the fact that the eye does
the same thing--the center of our focal point is actually a blind
spot in the human retina as that's where the optic nerve bundle stems
out to go back to the brain.

That's not exactly true. Our center focal point (the fovea
centralis) actually provides the highest degree of visual acuity.
The optic nerve head is positioned several degrees nasally from the
central vision area. It does present a blind spot, but it is in the
mid-periphery. Also since it is positioned nasally to the fovea in
each eye, the lack of vision at that spot in one eye is somewhat
compensated for by the fellow eye.

In the following retinal photo (left eye) the optic nerve head is the
light yellowish disk towards the left side of the image. The macula
is the darker area to it's right (and slightly below), and the fovea
(central vision area) is roughly centered within that space.

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