Sony $10 Circuit City find

Started Feb 11, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sony $10 Circuit City find

You should have said, I would take it with the grip attached to it for $10. LOL.

BobMcA wrote:

Their only camera was an A700 demo model for $979. (no big deal there)

They did have a Vertical Grip for the A700 and to display it there
was a Plexiglas mockup of a camera over the vertical battery post.

They had signs offering to sell the display shelves etc, so I ask the
sales clerk if the Plexiglas camera mockup was for sale. He said he
would check with a manager.

When the manager came over he said,

“Sure, how’s $10?”

And I said,


For a display mockup, wonderful detail.

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