Barred from Fort Mchenry.

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Re: Here it is in writing, from the NPS... AGAIN.

Jay Bean wrote:

The NPS policies were decided by Congress hence they are they law.
Whether that law is constitutional is another matter altogether -- it
is the law until either a court strikes it down as unconstitutional,
or until Congres changes it.

Let me stress two things to you in the strongest possible way I can without being rude or cursing:

A) The NPS policies have been posted here repeatedly and DO NOT IN ANY WAY support Gary's position, or the position of the woman who confronted Buzzzman.

B) Even if they did, NO LAW IS VALID WHICH VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION. Period. Full stop. This is not a questionable area of Constitutional law. The courts have ruled on it. Repeatedly.

If this is what's happening in national parks, then somebody needs to hire an attorney and make a lawsuit out of it and end it.

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