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No blown highlights - none!

Steve Bingham wrote:

How come every photo has blown highlights? Were these JPG?

Jeffrey Anderson replied

Again, the blown highlights are my fault. I received this camera
literally on the way to this shoot. I had to stop at a restaurant to
charge the battery. I'm taking it to Brasil with me tomorrow. I have
a lot more time to get acquainted with the camera.

I've checked all five images, and there are NO blown highlights - none. Subjectively, it LOOKS as though highlights are blown because the mid-tone is too light. But the highlights never exceed 255. Indeed, one or two of the images are slightly under-exposed.

I hope you don't mind, but I've taken the liberty of correcting the mid-tones so they look right - at least to my taste and on my screen. See what you think!

Here's the original version of the first picture. There seems to be no detail in the white dress, but the highlights are not blown.

Below is my corrected version - you can see plenty of detail in the dress now.

The images below are corrected

Even the image below, with its 'hot' yellow and orange colours does not have blown highlights. The left side of the skirt looks like it might have clipped highlights, but it doesn't.
First the original, as posted

Now the corrected version - note the extra detail in the skirt.

J M Hughes

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