A Little More Fuel On The D400 Rumor Fire . . .

Started Feb 14, 2009 | Discussions thread
gsmornot Contributing Member • Posts: 944
Re: A Little More Fuel On The D400 Rumor Fire . . .

Sounds good. The only thing that would make me move to a D400 at this point would be sensor performance the level of the D700 or D3. If I were a new buyer or had something other than a D300 I would have a hard time not waiting. Whatever the specs are I can say they should be better than what we have now otherwise who would want to buy it over a D300. I'm curious what it will look like but my next goal is D700 or better. Not for the full frame but the performance. At this point the FF is something that keeps me from the upgrade today. The cost of the lenses needed are just not in the budget for someone in my position.

Rant over. Thanks for passing along what you heard and ignore most of what I said above.

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