A Little More Fuel On The D400 Rumor Fire . . .

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A Little More Fuel On The D400 Rumor Fire . . .

Well, I don't normally contribute to the rumor mill, but since I'm in the market for a D300 I thought I'd pass this along, so all caveats apply to sources of info . . .

This morning I was at the biggest photography store in town to get an estimate on some used gear that I am considering liquidating or trading in on the D300. The salesman did not recommend that I do the deal now if I could wait because of two things:

  • A Nikon rep who was just in the store the week earlier when asked about the D400 would only respond by saying what was NOT going to be announced at the PMA or shortly thereafter, with the D400 NOT being mentioned. Thus in the salesman's view the D400 is imminent. Take this FWIW.

  • The sales guys were also told that the price of the D300 would be coming down to $1499 in the next few weeks - current MSRP is at $1,799 I believe, although B&H is offering it at $1,499 once you put it in your cart. There may be some confusion as to the actual price, but he was pretty adamant that the price was coming down soon to clear stock. Rare that a salesman will tell you to wait to buy something from him so that you could get a better price.

Anyways, take this little bit of information (accurate or inaccurate as it may be) and do what you want with it, and we'll see if any of it makes sense in a couple of weeks.

We did not talk specs on the D400 because he didn't know and I don't care. I don't need a D400 (a D300 will do quite nicely).

I for one am waiting to buy a D300 in hopes of a price reduction (I don't need one right now and can wait a month or two).

  • John

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