Barred from Fort Mchenry.

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Re: Here it is in writing, from the NPS... AGAIN.

The NPS policies were decided by Congress hence they are they law. Whether that law is constitutional is another matter altogether -- it is the law until either a court strikes it down as unconstitutional, or until Congres changes it.

Daniel Lee Taylor wrote:

iMac, therefore iAm wrote:

Here's a highlight from the link:

Below is the current location fee schedule for commercial photography
and filming:

1 to 2 (people) camera & tripod only $0

Note... it specifically says COMMERCIAL photography - not personal
use photography

There's commercial photography, personal use photography, and then
there's First Amendment photography. NPS cannot prevent press or
artistic photography, nor can they prevent profiting from those
activities. I went into the differences in my earlier post: . Note the NY Times example.

Buzzzman was doing nothing wrong. He had every right to be there, to
take those photographs, and yes, to even sell them as artistic
expressions or as news related images.

It disturbs me that Gary has been led to believe the things he has
posted and that a 'higher up' also believes them. If this is official
NPS policy then the NPS is not in compliance with the law on this
matter. Photography that falls under free speech rights does not
require a permit or permission on any public land, regardless of
whether there is pay or profit involved. NPS officials who believe as
Gary do are setting themselves and their agency up for a lawsuit.

If Buzzzman has money then he needs to hire an attorney to set things
straight. If he does not then he needs to contact the local press and
get them involved to help straighten this out. This is actually a
civil rights matter and his rights were violated.

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