Are Kodak flogging a Dead Horse?.

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Good to see you here again.

Dave -

The whole digital camera market is going through spasms and every manufacturer is having difficulty making a profit. Even Nikon and Canon have announced expected losses this coming year. Although Kodak isn't usually a staple at traditional camera stores, it does seem to have a significant amount of shelf space at the mass retailers and on the internet sites. As much as I like the good ole' camera store, most of them are dying out because of many reasons. The result from this is the independent stores do not have much impact on Kodak's overall digital camera business anymore. Global film, paper, and photo chemical business has fallen off a cliff during the last few years. I can't imagine those products are a major part of Kodak's future and they know it That type of business certainly isn't what it used to be and it is never coming back.

I agree that Kodak lost momentum when they didn't continue down the path of the DX and P series cameras. They could have owned that market niche. I don't think that they were prepared for the lightning fast product cycles that have become the norm now. Those great products lead the pack but quickly lost their edge against more nimble competitors.

But now I see some of those smart designs creeping back into the product line. I personally replaced my old Retina with a Z1085IS and find it to be fantastic. I also see new models arriving with hot shoes and features that harken back to the glory days of the DX and P series. There must be some people working inside Kodak that still enjoy photography and they are being heard.

Sure, Kodak makes jillions of cheap little cameras but they always did that. After all, the original "Kodak" was a cheap, lousy camera that people bought by the boatload. They also make a really good inkjet printer line that seems to be selling well and they make the best digital photo frames that I have seen.

Who knows what will happen in the long run but Kodak seems to be still slugging it out and trying to stay in the fight.

Tom S.

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