Why you should shoot RAW: an example

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RichV wrote:

Dayo wrote:

I think you are missing the big picture of what I was showing.

I'm open to that being quite true! I tried having some fun with
Glenn's JPEG, and agree there's always some kind of lattitude (I'd
just rather work with RAW):

Actually, so do I. Mainly for workflow reasons where it is more convenient to use NEFs in Capture NX. I save shots originally shot as jpegs as NEFs during processing for this workflow reason.

But I don't think you'd debate that you can get more out of an
in-camera JPEG than from a RAW, would you?

No, as reading my posts in this thread will show. However, I don't buy into the "you should only use RAW" position or that the example shown is a particularly good reason for shooting RAW.

What we have is a shot straight out of the camera being compared to a post processed shot. It shows a few areas blown out which can be recovered easily as I showed. There has been some suggestion about extra shadows on walls which I can't see in the first place but assuming they are there as claimed I wouldn't pin the RAW argument on them.

Anyway, as someone has already pointed out, debating this is actually pointless. People can, and should, use whatever fits. Jpegs makes sense for many event shooters in particular and many of us "general shoot anything that catches our fancy" types as well.

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