Why you should shoot RAW: an example

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Re: Walt

Alpha Jeff wrote:

Its no use. They are obsessed with raw. I wish you luck here. I would
hate to think that I had to shoot raw all the time to get my photos
the way I wanted them to look.

I'm well aware. But it's fun to poke holes in balloons. Well, sometimes anyway. More important is to tell beginners that these guys are not telling them the whole story. I don't expect them to all follow me by any means. But if they will just think for themselves and question things....

I've been in whole pro seminars on how to shoot jpeg so you don't have to shoot raw. The results have been fantastic in those seminars and I'm gradually assimulating it all. For a pro, time is money, and one of the quick ways to cut your time spent on each shot is to shoot jpeg properly. All those pros are not there because they have time to waste. They think it's worthwhile.

I work on learning my camera, all my camera with all I paid for. Making it a box with a sensor in it, which is about all of the camera that raw shooters use is not using all the camera you paid for. And really is not learning photography either.


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