Barred from Fort Mchenry.

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Re: He "offered to sell"?

Gary Papilsky wrote:

So I spoke to one of the NPS rangers I know today, and she referred
me to the Special Permits Ranger who I am still waiting to hear back
from. She did explain it to me this way. Here is the concept:

These lands belong to all Americans and if one individual uses the
lands for their own profit all American should be compensated.

Hence no making a profit, before or after, in the park or out of the
park. UNLESS approval or a permit is gotten first.

Now about being banned, I think what may have been meant is Buzz
photographing for profit, not never being allowed access to the park.

Buzz can you clarify this?

As far as entrapment, they know what they are doing as this is a
common problem. She can say hey will you sell me some drugs or hey
are those drugs for sale, and he says yes, guess where he is going.

Sounds to me like a lot of people at the NPS need to educated.

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