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Re: He "offered to sell"?

It's not entrapment -- look back at the original question the ranger asked. It was a carefully worked "If I wanted to buy one of your photos" instead of "Will you sell me a photo" or "Can I buy a photo" They've done their homework on how to phrase the question. Furthermore, it now appears that the Ranger did not approach the OP first, but that the OP approached the ranger with another question and then the ranger asked the "If..." question.

However, what I still don't understand from all of this is where the rules & regulations grant the authority to forever ban someone. Even if the OP was in the wrong, on what grounds is the ranger able to ban him forever?

mamallama wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Jay Bean wrote:

Quite the contrary, he said in the OP that he offered to sell photos
to the park ranger.

If his transcription of the conversation was at all accurate, it was
quite blatant entrapment. She initiated the discussion concerning
business in the park, if anyone needs to be banned, it is that ranger.

It's irrelevant who initiated the business discussion.

It is very relevant. Some quick reading...

The rule very clearly says you cannot engage in
business while INSIDE the park.

And a law enforcement officer cannot engage in such illegal
activities in order to get others to join in.

I pointed out a day ago that it's a clear case of entrapment by the
ranger which is not legally allowed. Yet everyone was trying to
clarify the park rules. The rules are secondary in this case to the
entrapment issue.

I was on a jury, years ago, where an undercover police officer asked
a man to get drugs to sell him. He did and was arrested. The man was
acquitted because he was entrapped to do the crime. Similar situation.

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