Why you should shoot RAW: an example

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Re: Mostly agree, except...

Alpha Jeff wrote:

I see what you are saying with your samples but I just dont believe
that JPG is the best your camera is capable of. I think if the shot
was XFine JPG got the right exposure there would be more to work
with. Not sure if the window opening could be lightened up enough. It
would take some experimenting. Im not trying to say that JPG is a
better format than RAW. I think most of us know what can be
acomplished when shooting RAW.

I think that the RAW example shown ruined the window compared to the jpeg. Dark and muddy looking, where the jpeg got that far closer to right.

The shot would have been better in jpeg with DRO+, probably about +3. If it was metered on the window I'd suggest metering either center weighted or full rather than just off the window. Combined with DRO+ that would get both the window and the wall "right". It might need a 1/3 stop exp comp too.

On X-Fine vs Fine, make the comparison based on jpeg only shots. Sony has said the Fine shot with RAW is a preview shot.


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