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Re: Restaurant Photography pics from December 6 img

Cynthia FarrWeinfeld wrote:

What I discovered in my week of learning something about restaurant
photography without such things as soft boxes, lighting other than
candles and daylight, is that f/8 works pretty well to get the whole
dish in focus (didn't do that in many of these, as you can see!
lol!) and that using my kit 18-55mm lens and dear old Dad's K20D (now
I have my own, thanks in large part to that assignment, using his
great camera! Thanks Dad!) and taking longer exposures with natural
light, I got the best results.
The photos have much the same look in each one, as I was A) just
learning how to do this gig, and B) they wanted cover orientation
(vertical) with space for words on the sides and for the magazine
logo at the top! So, they look a bit weird without type on them, I'm
sure. But I'm happy--it was really fun and frenetic and I learned a
lot! Thanks for looking as always, Cindy

Thanks cindy!!! So... f8, and a tripod I assume, the rest is the subtle magic of the master photographer, sigh... was hoping there was an easier route.

did you really feel the K20 was that far above the K200/K10 sensor for this? You inspired me to take a quick try at a Christmas Party back in Dec. and this is what I got: but it is not just right. sigh....

Thanks for posting! I may never be a pro (or want to be one) but I can aspire to take something as good as yours!


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