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White Paper Helps Explain Crude Theory

You can read this interesting White paper which talks about increasing resolution using lower res images with higher resoltuion Monochrome images.


This might be appliedd in this sensor design with Pixel Reuse from the VICs and interpolating as described in the white paper with the mono output from the multipurpose pixels.

The Bayer Pattern used in this array allows each photosite to be used in three vics to create 3 real color Virtual Pixels. Essentailly frrom each array of 25 photosites you get 16 3 photosites and 5 5 color Vics for a total of 21 color VPs. Each array also creates 13 higher res Mono Real Pixels and another 16 Mono VPs.

Keep in mind we are creating a Virtual Image and so all the photosites on this array should be viewed as information resources which are being leverage into a final Virtual High Res Image.

Its a paradigmn shift where by we move from the limitations of real images to the enhanced world of Virtual Images built from information.

When we talk about VDR the end user will actually be able to dummy down VDR to a level of reallity if they so choose as well.

Resolution, Color, Noise and DR become Software Functions and are far less limited by the actaul sensor and photosites.

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