Barred from Fort Mchenry.

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Quite the contrary, he said in the OP that he offered to sell photos to the park ranger. It's irrelevant who initiated the business discussion. The rule very clearly says you cannot engage in business while INSIDE the park. You can do whatever you wish with the photos once you are OUTSIDE the park.

However, all the above aside, I cannot find anything within any of the posted references giving authority to ban him from ever returning to the park. That seems to be the bigger issue here which is hardly getting discussed at all.

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Jay Bean wrote:

It has nothing to do with all the stuff about photography. Read the
very last paragraph on the page you referenced:

"A Commercial Use Authorization (formerly known as an Incidental
Business Permit) is required for engaging in any business in the
park. ... "

He was not "engaging in any business". He did not offer to buy, sell,
or rent any goods within the park, to perform any service, or solicit
any service.

Performing a potentially profitable activity is not "engaging in
business". Contrary to the belief of you or Gary the volunteer, you
can take potentially profitable pictures, sit down with a laptop or a
pad of paper and write a potentially profitable article, poem, or
novel, put up an easil and paint a sellable picture, etc. without a

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