Why you should shoot RAW: an example

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Mostly agree, except...

...my point was that the jpeg effectively lost the shadows on wall (where the stars are) and no amount of jpeg post-processing will bring them back. Both of Dayo's attempts still lack these shadows. Yes, we all know RAW gives one more latitude re exposure and white balance, and in the A900 with current firmware, also provides more detail. My only point in the OP was that the loss of 'distinct and important' shadows on wall has put me back into the RAW-only camp (whereas I was previously shifting to RAW only for high-ISO or mixed lighting situations).

Danel wrote:

Everyone knows that you have somewhat more post processing latitude
with RAW. The problem is that some seem to be of the opinion that
you can't do HARDLY ANY post processing with a JPEG and that is not
the case. If you are familiar with a program like Photoshop, you can
do enormous improvements to JPEG. The OP example is of a non post
processed JPEG compared to a RAW, which by its very nature requires
some post processing. I think Dayo showed that the differences can
be made much smaller with a bit of work on the JPEG. My point is
this: while RAW gives one wider latitude in post processing, there is
much that can be done with JPEGs. Furthermore, if the shot is well
done from the beginning, one would be hard pressed to tell the
difference between a RAW and a JPEG. I do not believe that most
"real" photographers always shoot RAW. This is just snobbery. I
think most photographers decide to use one or the other based on what
they are shooting and how much time they want to spend processing the
images. I think all of us have seen many terrific photos that were
shot as JPEGs.

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