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Just for Fun

Nothing more than my idea of what a future product might look like and how it might work and represent improvements over what we have today.

Listening to many complaints about cameras and the fact that the perfect 35mm DSLR does not exist, I thought I might draw up something that would be closer to the end product many of us desire.

I think that Thom Hogan hit the nail on the head when he talked about Nikon needing to provide more service around its top of the line product and I see no reason why a Nikon or Canon could not create a partnership with say, Adobe or another company to come up with something like that I wrote about. It could even be a multipartnership with companys like Fuji for the print service, Adobe for an online version of its software (BTW, powerful option for them to maintain protection of their software) and say a company like Smartware that manages the business end of things and or a Flickr for hosting an online store or something.

The camera could even use the services infrastructer I described to reccomend accessories and other options or services based on camera usage if a Photogrgapher Opted in.

The whole thing is really a reaction to another thread I saw that basically proposed the 35MM DSLR game is mostly over.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Its all in the hands and mind, not the camera!

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