New Exif Internet Explorer Addon

Started Feb 13, 2009 | Discussions thread
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vadim_c Senior Member • Posts: 1,712
New Exif Internet Explorer Addon

So finally Panda Exif viewer got me by its inconvenience to the point that I decided to write my own.

I did it for myself but if someone finds it convenient you are free ( so far ) use it. If you buy me a beer that would be a plus.

So if you want to try you can go to my website and download both files to some place on your hardrive. I personally keep them in the Program Files.
To install it simply run the install.bat

On XP you should be able just click on the install.bat file.

On Vista you need to start a command prompt as an administrator navigate to the folder and run from the command line.

If you get a message that the installation is successful start a new instance of Internet Explorer and go to some site with photos.

When you move a mouse over an image that contains Exif information you shoud see it i the status bar at the bottom of the browser window.

I pulled only the most basic infromation such as shutter speed, aperture etc. because I personally do not look for anything else.

No more clicking ! that was my goal.
If you find some problems I would be glad to fix them.


If some portion of the comunity finds it useful I will write a decent installer and maybe some docs. ( Although there is really nothing to document )

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