Why you should shoot RAW: an example

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RE: "Silly debate..."

Bart7D wrote:

That sounds pretty balanced as a view.
In line with this is the saying: you can shoot pro with a P&S.
Definitely true, but the point is that there IS more, which you've
already payed for.
In your case, Barry, doing fine with film and praising it's fine
shades and nuances (and rightfully so), you must realise that the
larger bit-depth of RAW can offer you far more of that than the range
JPG offers.

But then... I'm just discovering this route for myself, and therefor
enthousiastic. I think I won't try to make other people happy against
their will and wishes.

Funny you should mention film, because that opens up it's own can of worms regarding scanning etc.

Do you scan Tiff, jpeg, use DNG (vuescan)

24 bit or 48bit? Less or more??

What res to scan??

In the end, after many months of torture! I decided I got along with silverfast better, and no longer wanted to use vuescan. Reasons are Vuescan is more a "tweak it later", Silverfast..do it there..and job done.

I found little real advantage to using DNG for scans, though it sounded like a good idea at the time, it just adds to the work required.

I cannot tell in print, the difference between 48bit and 24bit, it's pretty much invisible..least to me.

So now I scan a bit over res (though it's mad to do ultra high res scans on 40 year old slides with soft corners!), 24bit, to Tiff, then crunch it down to a jpeg, with very low compression. Printed, impossible to tell the difference jpeg to tiff (take note the low compression though)

Now if I scanned every image at the highest res available, with IR passes etc, and 48 bit tiffs, I would be lucky to fit 2 images on a cd! Yeah that big! Course we know that most of that is just fluff and in reality, multi 100's megabytes of 35mm film scans, are a waste of time really.

You have to use a bit of common sense, high ISO film..lower res, no point mega big scans, tech pan..or specialist stuff, up the res..give yourself a bit of breathing space.

I would be a long time scanning 7200dpi 48bit tiffs..and use up a lot of wasted space.

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