Why you should shoot RAW: an example

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RE: "Silly debate..."

Bart7D wrote:

Barry -
the debate may be silly to you sometimes, but the facts certainly are
it's like Ken said: discarding RAW is throwing away half the
potential of your expensive equipment.

I find it rather obvious the pros and cons of both.

Raw let's you set the WB afterwards, recover highlights, it's good for pulling shadows around etc etc, better details, avoids in camera NR and processing

Nobody disputes that.

I can certainly see why many do shoot 100% raw.

I use both, depending on the situation.

Jpeg is fast..
you can adjust wb post if needed (though not big changes granted)
smaller file size

It's possible to tweak the camera and get it "as you want it" at times, ready to go, no hassle afterwards

Jpeg works on everything, compatible..everyone can see them, raw needs processing.

I would say I shoot 75% raw, 25% jpeg. Really depends on the situation, I def would not bother shooting raw for casual shots, a birthday party or something..why add more work for that?

I tend to shoot raw for high ISO, in the case above, I was just curious to see if I could get decent results from the camera. Details are less important on those shots..so the jpeg delivered a pretty good result (in that case)

I def don't subscribe to must shoot 100% raw all the time, I think it should be used when needed, just like jpeg.

I find the remark "RAW is the way to go for the serious work" a bit too simplistic really.

Now whilst I am on the subject, I would like to see less NR in the sony jpegs, that would be most welcomed indeed. But these debates are really trivial..some folks can get it "how they like" out of the camera, and there is nothing at all wrong with that.

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