How to get soft focus effect in lightroom 2.2 ?

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How to get soft focus effect in PSP

In PSP it's quite possible to get a soft focus effect.

An easy way is this:
1. Copy the layer(s) (ctrl-A, Ctrl-Shift-C)
2. Paste as new layer (Ctrl-L)
3. Make new Mask layer (from Image, Luminance)
4. Select the group (mask and newly made layer) and
5. Merge the group

(now we have a layer of only the lightest parts of the picture, the lighter a part the higher the visibility, still this is only visible when you switch off the underlaying layers)
6. Select the merged layer
7. Set blendmode to Lighter (you can experiment with other modes later)

8. Apply a gaussian blur on this layer (while sliding you can see the overall effect)

Experiment further with the blendmode of the layer

Sometimes it's an idea to make a mask on this blurred layer, so you can locally turn down opacity, for instance to make the eyes less blurred.

Here's a before and after (sorry if a bit large) made with only the above steps in PSP XI

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All in my humble opionion of course!

(I might get a preposition wrong -or any other word for that matter-. English is a nice language, but it's not mine)

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