Barred from Fort Mchenry.

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Re: To "engage in business"

Although it's spilled milk, you should have pushed this issue higher up the chain,
even to the superintendent, if necessary. When you agreed on "sale", you could

just as easy be talking about your web site. You certainly did not drag a printer in
tow to make this possible. Absurd tactics!

NPS in general is a good bunch of folks, but they can be ruthlessly bureaucratic.

Obtaining those photo/film permits is not exactly a-b-c...(not that you desired one). I did it once when I was in film school, and they couldn't get off the proverbial fence. I gave them plenty of time. Anyway, being in school they couldn't charge me the (Hollywood) going rate. In the end they waved the fees,

but simultaneously they dragged feet with the approval, I mean to the point that I was forced to go top PLAN B.

Hope your next trip goes well.


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