Why you should shoot RAW: an example

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Re: Not sure about this

Alpha Jeff wrote:

If you are able to get proper exposure and white balance I just dont
see the need for RAW. You can do wonders with JPGS in Lightroom. If
lighting is tricky I can see why someone could benifit with RAW. I
will shoot RAW in those conditions. Mojority of the time it is easier
to deal with JPGS. I think in the Ops in camera JPG if it was not
over exposed the detail would have been there.
Jeff.. enjoying my a700

Take some time and read up on color spaces. RAW is not a crutch for people who can't expose.. it is about having access to all the camera can do.. because JPG was not designed for high quality photography.. but it became a standard so we shoot .. Its a lossy compression with a limited ability to represent colors.

Then there is the DR of the jpg, this is also what DRO is about. even a properly mapped JPG can't get it all so DRO starts to fix it and it is a permanent change.. In Raw you can go "I think I want to bring some of the shadows my eye saw, or you can say I think I like the stark contrast.

If you want easy.. just haul it into PS elements and batch it out to JPGs but you still have all the image you paid a lot of money to capture.

RAW is easy and you can choose to make it harder if you want.. but you can also just get JPGS now and go back later and discover new ways or working the image.

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