Barred from Fort Mchenry.

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Put it any way you want

you're still flat out wrong.

Gary Papilsky wrote:

If you come into an NPS unit, and do something/anything that can
generate a profit to you, at any time within or outside of the unit
now or at a latter date, you have violated park policy.

I provided a link to the actual park policy earlier in this thread.

Your interpretation of it is quite incorrect.

You have
generated a profit for yourself, that is the problem.

In this case it involves photography, but photography is not the issue.

Actually, it is. Read the rules.

Profit is irrelevant. The rules for photography are the same for "for profit" and "not for profit" activities.

"Since our costs are based on the services we provide, we do not differentiate between profit and nonprofit projects."

Photography requires a permit only in a few well defined cases that were discussed in the post I referenced, and do not need to be repeated here.

When you said yes to what you believe was a hypothetical question
(which it was not from her stand point) you put yourself in the
profit making/business category. That is what got you tossed out, and

No. Someone who did not understand the rules got him banned. That person's supervisor, or any higher ranking NPS representative, can get him unbanned.

The Rangers are always looking out for this, and tossing people out
for trying to make a profit by using an NPS unit for any non approved

Then the rangers are operating illegally.

This is why it behooves photographers to print and carry the specific rules for any park or historical site they are visiting.

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