Barred from Fort Mchenry.

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She was not. Here are the rules...

Gary Papilsky wrote:

I have been an NPS volunteer for 15 years,

And in that time, you apparently did not read their rules governing commercial photography.

Here they are, from the Fort McHenry website. Basically, it's the same "boilerplate" used at every other NPS site, and they haven't changed in many years.

=== begin quote ===

A still photography permit is required when:

Product or service advertisement is involved

Talent/models, props, crews, or sets are involved

The project has the potential to disrupt other park activities or visitors

More than just hand-carried equipment is used

Project requires access to an area normally closed or restricted to general public use

Access into an area outside of normal public use hours is required

Project carries with it a potential risk to park resources

Activity raises safety concerns that can be mitigated through issuance of a permit with restrictions or conditions

=== end quote ===

I've shot in national, state (dozens), county (hundreds) of parks. Never a problem. If you're there with just a tripod and backpack, without a crew, models, sets, not damaging things, not in the roped off areas, and not blocking paths causing other park users to complain to a ranger, you're in the clear.

and the NPS Ranger did exactly what she is trained to do.

You said you're just a volunteer. How do you know exactly what a real ranger is "trained to do?"

And why would a ranger be "trained to do" something that directly conflicts with the rules the NPS has created for all its parks, rules that have been widely distributed in print and electronically for many years?

She did this within the rules,

It does not appear so.

laws which are applicable to your response to her.

Here is the deal. No one can conduct any activity which results in
profit (to them) on any NPS property without permission/permit.

That is quite incorrect.

not matter weather it is photography or a guided hike which you are
charging the hikers for. This is simply not allowed without prior
consent from the NPS.

She asked you a simple and direct question, and you chose a "for
profit" response, it is now her responsibility to stop you from doing
this. She can ask you to leave, you have violated the law.

Please provide a reference for "the law".

This does not have to be posted. Anyone can take pictures, but if you
sell them without approval from the NPS, you have violated the law.


The NPS has a responsibility to protect the parks, and "for profit"
use of the parks is part of this protection. Being in Southern
California where the entertainment business is very big this is a
common requirement that is well known and observed by professionals.

Professionals know the actual rules.

This is also a way NPS can generate revenue, but I can tell you from
first hand experience, this is a pain for them to do.

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