Barred from Fort Mchenry.

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It means...

Buzzzman wrote:

For sake of discussoipn-- Let's say i did intend to sell the images
What does the following statement mean??

"Commercial photography permits are required if photography is to be
done of vehicles or other articles of commerce or models for the
purpose of commercial advertising OR FOR RESALE

It means that the park service is not willing to subsidize commercial advertising shoots. And keep in mind that "models" probably doesn't mean lovely ladies, it means a model of a wrecked plane for a movie poster. Or a big model of a monster climbing out of a simulated impact crater.

The whole point of the permit system is to allow movie and advertising companies to use the park if they are properly insured and pay to offset the cost of restoring any damage they might do to the area. It is completely irrelevant to an individual behaving responsibly and sticking to the public areas, regardless of what she intends to do with her images once she leaves or how expensive looking her camera might be.

The park ranger was entirely wrong and should be sanctioned and then educated.

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