Barred from Fort Mchenry.

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Re: Barred from Fort Mchenry.

Buzzzman wrote:

I was shooting images at Fort Mchenry (USA National Park) and a park
ranger baited me --by asking-- if she wanted one of the the images
--could she buy one I thought for a second and said yes .I thought
she meant, either she would like one or or maybe the gift shop may
want one.. i was shooting multiple images on a tripod for hdr
processing .
She then told me I couldn't shoot unless I purchased a permit and
that I had to leave the premises I tried to say - I actually wasn't
planning on selling the images, but thought if she really wanted
one -- I would . She said that was her point.. I WOULD sell them
if asked!! The permit could costs hundred's of dollarrs . She also
said any Time she saw me there again with a camera -she would throw
me out.
I think she was wrong.
Here rules the rules-see what you think
First nasty park ranger i ever met!!!

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After reading your thread and the supplied link, I would have considered you a professional photographer since you advised her you would SELL her a photo.

Yes, she has probably been versed in what to ask, and in this case it worked. If you would have said, I can't sell you one, but I would be happy to email you a copy", you would have been alright. Once you agreed to the term SALE, you became a Professional who profits from Photography.

The same (pardon the example though) is true in prostitution. If sex is offered for free, it is not illegal, it becomes "consenting" (as long as the ages are legal of course). But, if a price is affixed to it, it becomes an illegal activity in most states.

So, the bottom line, in her eyes when you offered to sell a copy of one of your photos, you probably fit the Professional catagory and needed a permit.

To some degree, I can understand that since others have to purchase permits to photograph the area. It would only be fair.

Hope that makes sense.
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