D90 or Hubble Telescope? (0 Images)

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Hubble only 4 x 0.64 MP a real deal breker

Ok, I just have to add my two cents


Hubble's imaging sensor is upgradeable, so when the new xxx MP sensor comes out just slap a new one in

The Hubble has great "wi-fi" range, heck with a big enough dish you can get a signal from hundreds of miles away.... the D90 doen't come with wi-fi.

The batteries will not run out so long as you spend some time in the daylight every day to recharge them.

You do get the service manual and schematics with the purchase.


A real bitch to carry around

the instruction manual.... um.... it's about 5 feet thick.... and that isn't even including the software manuals.

Cost's too damn much to have the support crew to even run the damn thing.

Never point at the sun.... so no dramatic sunset shots.

Image is a composite of 4 sensors, 1 "planetary camera" and 3 "wide field cameras" (this makes the whole DX FX crop problem seem small)

Uses CCD vice CMOS technology

Each of the 4 sensors are ONLY 640,000 pixels so taking into account the 3 exposures necessary for color your camera will only be 7.8 MP (I am being very generous here)


to learn more about the cameras, take a brief overview here


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