An interesting 50D comment made by Arthur Morris (AM), ...

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An interesting 50D comment made by Arthur Morris (AM), ...

in his BIRDS AS ART BULLETIN #285. For anybody interested, here is a link to AM's site where you can pull up the entire text (and you can also find older bulletins).

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DL: So..... I was thinking of canceling the order and getting a Canon 800 lens. I would need to know which Canon body to get for this lens. Perhaps the 50D?

AM: Any camera body would be great with the 800. I am currently using either the EOS-1D MIII or the EOS-50D on the 800. The 800 and the 50D is an awesome combination as it offers 15 million pixels at an effective focal length of 1280mm which plays out to 25.6X. At times, the magnification can be too great and you might be unable to move back. (This is a nice problem for bird photographers to haveā€¦.) With the 50D you will have all nine AF points active but will not have AF if you add the 1.4X teleconverter (which I do only rarely). The 50D offers the most accurate AI Servo AF system of any Canon camera that I have ever used and the images are so sharp as to be scary.

With the 1.3X pro bodies like the EOS-1D MIII you will you have 10.1 megapixels at an effective 1040mm (20.8X). You will have all nineteen AF points with this combo and when you add the 1.4TC, you will have central sensor only


I found his comment interesting. When I first took the 50D out for a test drive shooting zig-zagging ducks at the local zoo I "felt" the AF tracking was better than that of the 40D (all based on one lens, the 100-400). Since then I've had much more experience using the 50D and the focus (acquisition and tracking has not let me down. I haven't absolutely proved it to myself but the 50D "seems" to always do a bit better than what I experienced with the 40D. I should point out that my 40D is no AF slouch and AFAIC it was always on par with my 1DmkII. I don't know, "maybe" the 50D's higher resolution is fooling me into thinking the AF is better but really, I'm trying not to fall into that false line of thinking.

Anyway, I just thought the forum might find AM's commentary interesting.


Joe Kurkjian



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