Digital Doomsday

Started Jul 23, 2002 | Discussions thread
David Barkin Senior Member • Posts: 1,970

Hi All

There are actually two parallel technological questions.

First there's an ongoing discussion on how we would communicate with aliens. Of course human beings 200 years from now would not be considered aliens although I do notice that some kids consider their parents to be so.

The second involves the recent "restorations" of such things as the Sistine Chapel. The arguement for doing this (and it's already done) is that there's no way to uncover these paintings, so redo them, which would be better then nothing. Of course the original paintings are now gone forever and the replacements remind me a touch of Peter Max.

I was actually infavor of this project until I heard a lecture where the lecturer pointed out that, "yes with todays technology we cannot restore the paintings, but they are at least safe. Who knows, two hundred years from now technology might have reached the point where they can be restored."

Well, he changed my mind.


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