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Re: Ok. Imqqmi wins

AppleChap wrote:

On my laptop (software calibrated TFT), this is really challenging.
If I keep the screen absolutely parallel to my eye, its more bright
and a 5 degree tilt on each side is producing different results.

Yep, your image looks good on my laptop too goes to show how bad most laptop screens are. Unless you've got one of the prohibitively expensive IPS models (around 2000 to 3000 euro) you're stuck with a TN panel or a pva if you're lucky.

I really like your edit better than mine and would like to conclude


that there is very little that we can do without the RAW.

Agreed, plus a good monitor and calibration device But that was something I've been struggling with too a while back. I just wasn't sure if my edits are what they should be. When viewed by others I had comments of too dark, too much yellow or blue etc. I'm a graphics designer so color should be something that can be relied upon, otherwise I'm in trouble with my clients.

With most monitors there's only a certain area where the tonal response curve is linear. At the top and the bottom most are not llinear at all. So what you can do is decrease contrast a little so that you don't use those parts of the curve. Use brightness at the lowest possible and increase it to about 120cd/m2 for pure whites. That's why I like Basiccolor combination with the eye one display. It allows you to do these things accurately and with good feedback. You can review the responsecurve modifications to see if the monitor is off by a certain degree. If it's way off, you can start seeing greyscale gradients with color banding, not good at all.

Here are some examples:

This is after calbrating my laptop. Notice the blue dipping low? That's because most backlights give a blueish light and the white balance can't be manually adjusted so the rgb lookup tables of the graphics card are used to compensate for this. Obviously this results in a loss of possible color combinations in rgb and the color banding in a grey gradient.

This is after calibrating my HP LP2475W, an H-IPS panel without any manual adjustments to the panel, contrast at 100% and brightness at 80%. It's obvious the panel is in trouble near the brightest part as the colored curves start to separate:

This is with contrast at 75% and brightness at 10% (yep very low but at 100% the brightness measures about 350cd/m2 which is like looking at the sun while 10% gives about 120cd/m2 which is much more comfortable. Notice the straight almost parallel curves. This is a good calibration.

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