5D mark II - end of civilization?

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Re: Part of the economic problem

Rick Knepper wrote:

MICHAEL_61 wrote:


  • America - with all due respect - is not the entire world. I never

lived in US. I never read/heard/cared for a word of political
'campaigning'. Why don't you try to check whom are you talking to
first? Before 'answering' OP?


About half way into my reply, I looked at your domain and surmised
that you probably were not from the USA but I decided to leave it as
is. You didn't identify which economy you wanted to talk about other
than Western Civilization. However, with due respect back to you, as
goes the USA (or China), so goes the world.

Actually, I agreed with you about buying the 5D mkII (sans the
rationale), so go buy it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine.

  • I am enjoying it, thank you! As for the economy - I already said I'm not an expert, but I'm hearing people talking about world-wide crisis. In all Western industrially developped countries.


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