A little History - very good stuff

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Re: A little History - very good stuff

Thanks- I appreciate the link- I found what I was looking for.

Another historical persepctive. There are a pair of the cameras I mentioned in my first post Sony Mavicas- Pro Mavica MVC-7000 - made 10 years ago (1992) with all disks and optional equipment and lenses, in working condtion for sale on ebay for $100. These are 3 chip SLR cameras that sold for $8000 a piece in 1992 without a lens.

Does anyone know anything about Sony "Hi-Band" Mavica Still Video
Camera 3CCD? Looks to be an older digital still camera, has a Sony
MCL-807TA zoom lens 8-56mm 1:2.8. on it. Any specs would be

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