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Re: Another moon picture

scott kirkpatrick wrote:

Ralph Encarnacion wrote:

Took this tonite with the 5000:

I had it mounted on a Stellarvue AT-1010 80mm scope and used a
Meade 26mm plossl eyepiece which gives me about 18.4x of
magnification. So I was able to get the whole moon in the eyepiece.


Awesome sight! Does the moon rotate around the little worn-looking
spot that we see near the top of the picture -- is that it's North

Seriously, we have a smaller Meade scope with computer control. It
was purchased on a whim (by wife) and has been used occasionally
for visual observations. Can you point me to some step-by-step
instructions for how to hook up a good camera (CP5000 or CP5700) to


scott kirkpatrick

Warning, warning, getting interested in telescopes can get very expensive real fast!!! Here is a picture of how I setup my 5000:

The scope shown is an ETX-90 simular to what you probably have. I took the scope off the plastic fork mount and mounted it on a photo tripod to use as a spotting scope. It shows the 5000 with an adjustable Coolfix adapter. You can use a regular UR-E5 if you want. The eyepiece adapter is a Digadapt from The Digadapt will work with the eyepieces that came with your Meade scope. The eyepiece fits inside the adapter so you can use more than one eyepiece. Then the adapter screws on to the UR-E5. Then the whole thing fits in the eyepiece holder on any telescope. You can also get an eyepiece that is already threaded to accept your camera. Scopetronics sells a couple of nice ones that are 18mm and 14mm The also carry a huge assortment of digital camera adapters. Right now nobody makes an adapter to hook up the 5700 to a telescope. Bernei from Nextphoto is building one right now so it wont be long. If you have a 5700 and want to hook it up to a telescope, let me know by email and I'll show you how to build one.

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