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Re: I withdraw my offer

i've been using for a while now- you get 2gb's of free storage and you just treat the 'online' storage as just another folder in your OS, mac or windows.. when you drop a image file nef or jpg or whatever in it, right click on the file, and find the menu option that says ' copy public link' and paste away here.

you can remove, change or whatever you like to these files as if they are sitting on your HD, and your pc doesn't get the downloads or whatever from everyone , the dropbox server takes care of all that..

try it out, you'll love it. quick simple and fast etc. even my models / clients are using it, they open up a private shared folder with my email addy - i get a key in and then we can both use the folder to upload, delete change image files etc upto 2gbs.

my clients love it, they get their thumbnails and proofs straight away and the finished images once i process them. .so stress no dvd sent via mail and no clogged email boxes hehe

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