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Re: I withdraw my offer

Daves602 wrote:

I have not received an email from you confirming or otherwise. Your
post seems like too much grandious bravado, and as others have said,
self importance.
I hope you enjoy the D3x for photography, not for pose value.

Sorry I did not get to you in time Dave. Thanks anyway. There is a photographer in my city who does amazing senior photography. World class stuff. He also has an ego the size of California. He is good. He knows he is good. And does not mind telling you how good he is. And lots of people don't like him . He is, however, a terrific teacher of photography for those who can get beyond the ego. So whether you think I am pompous or an ego maniac really doesn't matter in regards to the information I present. If I come off that way, it really isn't my intent. But if you can only learn from someone who measures up to your own standards of humility, you probably don't learn from many people.

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