Windows Basic or Premium?

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Greg Eddinger
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Johnny B wrote:

running Parallels worth the learning curve?

Sorry I missed that part of your question. I have an early MBP 2.0 I don't have any window on it now, but when I did I will tell that it was pretty seamless and well worth it if you plan on using both platforms on a regular basis. I had it set up so the the win apps appeared in the dock and no one that used my PB could tell that they were working on windows or mac. It was very cool to say the least. The only time in need windows is when working in Qimage (a pc only program) and a few dated websites.

But if you really need both then go VMware over bootcamp. It was easy to install and did exactly as promoted. Not much of a learning curve. You just tell it how you want it to display and the only difficulty I found was simply setting up a network for the PC to talk to the mac. It's much easier to understand once you see the dialog box.
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