PhotoShop on a Laptop?

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Re: PhotoShop on a Laptop?

mark_rehorst wrote:

I'd recommend avoiding any laptop running any Windows OS. Apps that
use a lot of memory, like photo editing, will choke windows. All you
need to do is lose one picture to a BSOD and you'll regret not
getting a reliable OS. With windows you'll need to run antivirus,
antispyware, registry cleaner, and perform frequent HDD maintenance
(CHKDSK and defrag) just to keep the machine running.


This is simply not true. It may have been your personal experience, but, my experience has been very different.

I'm not saying that you don't need to take more care to keep a Windows computer clean than you need to on Mac or Linux. And, I'll admit that there are times when I get emails from friends with links to unknown sites and I'll choose to check out those sites from my MacBook instead of one of my Win computers. If that's not possible, I'll log into a non-admin windows account and check from there.

Yes, on Windows you need to run anti-virus and anti-spyware apps that use some of your RAM. But, if you use low-profile apps like Nod32 or PC-cillin (just their anti-virus app - not their complete internet security suite) you'll be very well protected with little overhead. Windows Defender is a very effective, free, anti-spyware app. With the combination of Nod32 and Defender, I don't notice any slowdown on my computers. With those, combined with changes in my own behavior (care in what llinks I click on, etc.), i haven't had a virus on any computer in over 2 years. And, prior to that, I've only been infected by 1 virus, ever.

As for apps like Photoshop choking Windows - again, absolutely not true in my experience. I've created/edited some large PS files (699MB) on Win XP with 3GB of RAM while switching between other apps running at the same time (Painter X, for example) and NEVER had a problem with Windows choking or with BSOD as a result of using memory-intensive apps. But, even if I were to encounter a BSOD, I wouldn't lose too much because I'm in the habit of saving frequently as I work. It's easy enough to do and takes just a few seconds. My time is way too valuable to NOT do this. Better to spend a few extra seconds saving frequently rather than spend 3 or 4 hours recreating your masterpiece.

Note, I'm not saying that it's acceptable for an OS to crash and I'm not defending Windows' flaws. I'm just saying that I don't experience these conditions on my own computers. And, if I were to experience this, my own behavior would limit my losses to just a few minutes of work.

As always, YMMV.

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