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yunfat wrote:

dchphoto wrote:

You must not do a lot of high end weddings.

I guess not... I can't offer my clients "instant back-up", perhaps I
should get out of the business entirely.

After viewing your site, let me revise my statement to read "you must not do a lot of weddings of any type period."

The bride who is going to
pluck down 7k for a wedding photographer expects a much higher level
of quality and service than the one on a budget.

Isn't 7k a budget? Or do your clients just hand you blank checks?

Let me break it down for you differently. If someone can only afford a Chevy Metro, they probably do not know or care that for a lot more money, they could get a Cadillac with OnStar that will notify someone should the car break down. Someone who CAN afford such a car will probably appreciate knowing about it and will expect a better product. By your logic, the Caddy dealer should not tell prospective customers about this difference or the customer might think the car is prone to breakdown. One of the early objections to putting seatbelts in cars was that people might think the cars were not safe. It is still faulty logic today just as back then.

Educating your
clients is something all good businesses do. If I use a D3/D3x for my
weddings and everyone else uses s5's, I'm going to use that to my
competitive advantage. Since data loss is real and a risk, instant
back-up is a giant selling point that bride's can understand and

I only use the cheapest CF and sd cards, no name brand, because I don't believe in solid

state media loss.

Really, ok. Good luck with that one.

If I lost a weddings photos I would be out of

business, so I understand your concern, but that is not something to
advertise to clients

All differences that offer benefit to clients should be advertised.

I spend most of my time educating my clients about

other things, like the camera bears little significance on the
photos, because in my experience, it's usually the photographer who

Ok. So you obviously have not had clients call you wanting a life sized portrait of their special needs child because their medical issues will probably not let them live very long. My clients routinely ask for huge enlargements. And the camera absolutely makes a difference. Why don't you just go use a point and shoot or disposable camera since the camera bears little significance? My s5 will not cut it for large wall portraits. It just wasn't designed for that use.

If you are booking a bride and one of your sales tools is "instant"
back-up, I hasten to say your photos are probably less than stellar.

Oh really? Well my site is at . Feel free to
have a look. And what would your site be?

Nice pictures there, the flash is very hard to navigate though
(firefox 3.1b2). Mine is . You can find some
wedding shots, but you will really hate them, they are mostly blurry
and technically deficient.

I could not find a single wedding image. Perhaps you might be best served by a few photography classes if you are interested in weddings. I serve a higher end market that demands the best in skill and service. Cameras are tools. Some tools have advantages over other tools.

My photos make bookings, not instant back-up, which I doubt more than
1% of prospective brides even know about. Make that .1% actually.

.1% of YOUR clients. How many paid weddings have you done in your career? I guarantee, if my competitors get the D3 or D3x you can bet they will sing the dual card slot advantage until they are blue in the face.

I spend most of my time with prospective brides helping them plan a
great wedding day experience and showing how using me will add to
that. Dual card slots takes up perhaps 30 seconds of an hour long
discussion. If you cannot afford the best equipment, do not slander
those who can. I have done 200 or so weddings with an S5. Now I use a
D3x. There are advantages over the S5 that will give peace of mind to
a prospective bride. Sorry if that offends you.

Wait, "instant back-up" is a "giant selling point" but you spend less
than 1% of the time with your client to explaining it and the
difference between a fuji S5 vs a D3x... I must humbly ask for an
education, 30 seconds isn't a lot of time.

I don't think there is anything "humble" about your posts. "A great feature of the camera I use is it's ability to take every shot I make and back it up instantly to a second memory card so that there is virtually no risk of your images being lost due to a faulty memory card." hmmm. Less than 30 seconds. I overestimated. I don't talk about d3x versus an s5.

Since you want to get by with the cheapest gear, I would say this thread and forthcoming review are not for you.

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