How to take photographs of lightning during thunder?

Started Feb 7, 2009 | Discussions thread
Typowiz New Member • Posts: 11
It ain't always easy ...

Apologies for the slight diversion here - but on our honeymoon nearly 25 years ago, we were perched on a bluff at Colorado National Monument just after dark. There was a major storm kicking the tar out of a series little towns many, many miles away in the flats. It was a spectacular light show. We sat with my old Rolleiflex on a tripod, set on bulb, with a cable release, and shot 30- and 60-second exposures for probably over an hour. Seemed like every time I closed the shutter, the lightning would strike, but seemed like it would never strike when the shutter was open. It was uncanny. We kept on trying. I got home and hit the darkroom, and sure enough - about 5 rolls of Plus-X 120 and not a single lightning strike in the bunch. It was about the most fun I ever had wasting film, though, and we are still laughing about it today.

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