need advice = ) "VERY UNIQUE" bizcard (pls see)

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need advice = ) "VERY UNIQUE" bizcard (pls see)

hello everyone!

before i go to press with this and spend money... i would like to seek advice from this forum...

since all the images you'll see came from 1d mk III and 5d...


the "cute icon" i designed was inspired by 1d and 5d combined... i thought this should be the perfect forum... and many of you guys are pros as well...


the theme of the bizcard is "LOOK INSIDE..."

this is a double edge sword by the way...

by this i want people to see "what's inside my gallery" via website

= AND =

i actually want people (i hand this over to) to see what's inside "LITERALLY!!"

because this is NO ORDINARY BIZCARD!! this is a "sandwich" marketing tool!!

  • two bizcards as the cover pages

  • and a flyer (70# offset non-gloss paper) for the images i shot (map fold)


PLEASE let me know what you think...

i really appreciate your comments negative or positive...

i have sought advices before and it did help a lot!!!

thanks so much for your time and your input!!

= )

me personally, i thought it's very cool and attractive... but i might be already blinded and so bias! LOL!!

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